What is UPI123Pay ? How To Use UPI123Pay

UPI123Pay: Recently Reserve Bank of India has launched UPI based payment system for features phone users, in which more than 400 million feature phone users of India are going to benefit.

What Is UPI123Pay ?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das has recently made a decision for feature phones or general mobile phone users. A new service has been launched in which more than 400 million feature phone or general mobile phone users of India will be able to make digital payments in a secure way. This will directly benefit those people who do not have internet connection, they can now make digital payments with the help of this service called UPI ‘123pay’ and this service will work only on ordinary phones. Simultaneously, RBI Governor has also launched Digi Saathi, a 24×7 helpline for digital payments.

Benefits Of UPI123Pay

  • It will provide services to those users who use feature phones ie normal phones.
  • With the help of UPI, feature phone customers will be able to do almost all transactions but scan and pay facility will not be there.
  • You will not need an internet connection to do this transaction.
  • To make use of this facility the customers
  • The feature phone has to be linked to your bank account.
  • Feature phone users will be given four technical options in which they will be able to transact in many ways.
  • In this feature phone users will be able to make transactions by calling IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number and along with this feature phones have app functionality, missed call-based approach and proximity count-based payments have also been included.
  • Apart from this, customers will also be fully able to link bank accounts and set or change UPI PIN

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